You can be sensitive, spiritual, and have a solid bullshit meter. 



Get the grounded guidance and support you need to be that kind of badass.

You weren't meant to stumble through dark times alone. 

You deserve a guide who can help you hone discernment in an age of disinformation, offer spiritual practices grounded in science, and who gets what it's like to be sensitive.


You're navigating the insanity of a global pandemic, war, the vicious spread of misinformation, systematic racism, and a crumbling democracy (to name a few), on top of the kind of personal struggles that are so, so hard:

  • Crippling overwhelm that makes the day feel nearly impossible to get through
  • A soul-crushing job feels like a mine to dig out of
  • A personal health problem that feels like the world's most difficult puzzle
  • Craving connection but feeling like relationships are a constant source of stress
  • A deep inner fear that maybe you're just doing everything wrong


I will help you look squarely at your life, slow down, and find your next right step.

Strengthening your inner guidance system is the key to discernment, agency, and connection


Through my Grounded Spirituality Guidance Process, I help you find and trust your inner compass so that you can:

  • Trust yourself to make big, life-changing decisions (and small ones, too)
  • Find peace and validation in yourself rather than the external world
  • Lovingly and firmly set and maintain boundaries in your relationships
  • Build authentic connection with others that is sustainable and strong
  • Be your own calm in the storm AND ask for and receive connection so you're not alone  


A solid inner compass is what's needed to become the sensitive, spiritual badass with a dead-level bullshit meter.

Jen says. . .

"Anna's guidance is  expansive and always grounding. I always leave feeling like things have clicked into place and I know what I'm doing next. I'll be endlessly grateful for Anna's skill, experience, humor, wisdom."

Get to know your guide, Anna


Folks, we have a problem. 

The capitalist, imperialist, white supremacist patriarchy that we live in is crushing our nervous systems for the sake of productivity.   That's why I'm passionate about sensitive souls finding their voices in this world.

We need you.

I'm many things. . . Intuitive. Scientist. Trauma-aware. Deep listener. Meditation teacher. MS in environmental studies. Naturalist. Animist and witch, among other things...

I'm living through these times with you, optimistic that as we find our center and sense of belonging we will both survive capitalism together and offer the world better solutions.  

We don't have time to mess around. I'm your practical witch, your brass-tacks spiritual teacher. I blend intuitive, spiritual technologies with practical knowledge and context so that you get solid, grounded solutions and clear next steps. 

I give fresh, centered, pertinent guidance that helps sensitive souls gather, ground, and lead.

We need you. Let's do this together.

What you don't get with me

  • The slightest whiff of pretending things are easier than they are (I won't make light of what you're facing)
  • Toxic positivity, or anything else that keeps you from working with your emotions honestly
  • Distrust in vaccines and other well-documented science due to spiritual ideals
  • Exploitation of your suffering for money
  • Pushing of products, supplements, or other bullshit you don't need


What you do 

  • Tools to get centered and calm (nervous system regulation)
  • Practices to name, validate, and work with emotions and trauma
  • Spiritual guidance that cuts to the heart of the issue you're facing right now 
  • Tools, methods, and words for setting boundaries and navigating relationships of all kinds
  • My anti-racist, intersectional feminist, anti-capitalist, sex positive lens  

Alaina says. . .

"Working with Anna has always been so magical. From intuitive readings, meditation practices, guidance, and healing, she finds what I need and guides me in the best direction. She’s taught me how protect myself so I can be my true self."

You are needed.


You deserve grounded support and guidance along your path.


Whether by your family, your community, or yourself, you are needed in this world. Sensitive souls like you were biologically designed to guide, connect, care, and lead with support. When you get support, you get centered, creative, sovereign, and clear. I know we can build you a better life, and all of us a better world, when you are centered and supported.


Let's find your pathway together, one step at a time.

 Choose your first step 


Personalized guidance, support, and tools to help you learn to ground, center, and find your next steps.


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