While the world rumbles outside, we gather.

It's time to circle,

to draw our energy back to us,

to usher in a new way of being.

Is Fairy Council calling you?

Fairy Council is a gathering place for sensitive souls to connect, rest, learn, and grow.


In Council, we recognize that this imperialist, capitalist, white-supremacist patriarchy of a world is very big, oppressive, and exploitative for our sensitive systems. We are longing for a new world, a better world, a world only our hearts know. Together, we learn and discover new ways of living with our sensory rights intact and, as a collective, help usher in this new earth.


The world is a big place for fairies.


This world is loud. It's often too bright, and rough. It's heavy and it's unfair, and some of it is just fucking messed up. The sensitive souls of this world are in need of safe harbor. If we are to be able to offer our gifts in this world and live the lives we were meant to, then we need to start building our new earth now. Before we're gone. And to do this, we need havens of protection, communities of care and support, and deep rest.


No one is going to build havens for us. We have to do that.


And it's easier - and so much more effective - if we do it together.


I've been building my own haven, and I'm ready to share in circle what I’ve learned.


In Fairy Council, we’ll tackle basics like what does my nervous feel like when it’s activated? What is my real window of tolerance for stress and how do I down regulate into calm? How do energy work, meditation, and prayer play a role in helping me? As well as bigger, culturally-seated issues like How do I actually slow down in a world that is demanding? How do whiteness and perfectionism keep me from ritual and connection? What internal structures do I need to set firm boundaries with the people I love the most? How do I handle and process my terror about world events?


We’ll also work on practical applications for building home havens, including how to build an altar, how to create ritual, how to define and claim our own spirituality, and how to use oracle cards, crystals, and prayer.

The Council needs you.

I'm gathering 11 sensitive souls in this circle. Join Fairy Council today.

What it looks like

In circle, you can expect sharing and guiding from me, time to connect with and live-process in a structured, containered, and safe way, as well as space for idea sharing and collective dreaming. In circle, we learn tools for connecting to and regulating our nervous system, building ritual, connecting to our magic, and processing world events in safe ways.

We can only usher in a new world together, so we will spend time supporting and working with each other to do this.

When and Where

The group meets online on Zoom weekly on Tuesdays from 6pm – 8pm Pacific Time.


What's required

To be considered for the council, you must have worked with me in either a session, course, or have read and worked through my book (you can register and fill this requirement before the course – just note that in your registration).

You must be interested in building community, developing grounded awareness, and asking deep, meaningful questions of yourself.

Working together consistently is a way to form more secure attachments, so you must actually make space in your life to attend. Attendance is a commitment of weekly group meetings for one month at a time. After a month, you can choose to continue or open your spot to another. Council sessions will not be recorded.  

Because we work monthly, Fairy council prices are charged monthly. It is priced on a sliding scale model from $80 - $160/month (or $20 - $40 per class). You can choose the amount that works for you.

Let's usher in the world our hearts know.



Is one of these spots yours? Register and pay to reserve it.


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The next openings start in August. Register for your spot now. 

If you are not available in August but want to register for the next available monthly opening, fill out the registration but do not pay yet. I will contact you when there is a spot available.


Choose your monthly payment here

Fairy Council is on a sliding-scale or tiered pricing model. Please choose the amount that feels right for you. I've provided some guidelines to help, but you can also choose by noticing which payment amount feels best in your body.

If you filled out the registration as available but not until a later date, please wait on payment until I contact you.


I want to make sure this is a fit

Maybe you have more questions or just want to make sure this is a fit for you. Book a free phone call with me. We'll chat freely and figure out if this group is for you!

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