Your body needs (and deserves) rest.


Sound is a portal to a well of deep healing.

Your restorative experience awaits.


You're stuck in the daily grind and you want a break


The day always starts earlier than you'd like. It's alarms and shuffling children, five-minute make-up routines, coffee in the car (or at your home office). Then it's all the meetings (that really could have been emails), and coworkers. Deadlines, home repairs, doctor's visits, and easy-made dinners. It's the pressure of having to perform all day, everyday. 

Can't you just catch your breath already?


Sound healing creates the perfect reset

While sound healing itself won't solve all the problems that living in late-state capitalism creates (including the constant push toward productivity), it does create a powerful reset for the nervous system and offers layers of health benefits, including:

  • Aids the body in releasing stuck emotions and trauma
  • Relaxes the body and helps regulate the nervous system
  • Allows the brain to enter a theta brain wave state, the same state found in deep meditation, which is deeply healing
  • Disrupts psychological patterns and habits
  • Can relieve symptoms of ADD, ADHD, PTSD, and some sleep disorders
  • Makes space to connect to your most authentic Self, creating a sense of homecoming and peace
  • Gives you a couple hours away from the hubub of your life, which has been shown to reduce the chances of you losing your shit

I do sound healings differently


In most group sound healing experiences, there is a brief introduction to sound healing, a few prompts for settling in, the sound begins and ends, and you're sent out the door. While these experiences can be lovely, they're missing some very powerful pieces: Space holding, guidance, and aftercare. 

This is where my skills as a spiritual teacher, intuitive guide, and modern facilitator come in.

Space Holding

I start setting the energy of the healing space before you arrive. Once we are in circle, we spend some time bringing everyone's energy into community with intention and purpose. Every healing is different because every group is different. We trust that the group who gathers is the perfect group for that time. No matter what happens in the healing, I hold the space to keep everyone safe and held.


My community sound healing experiences begin with a theme or healing prompt. More intimate circles may include sharing and facilitated connection time. Together, we'll discuss the theme or prompt with questions designed to ignite self compassion and curiosity.  With our healing goals in mind, I'll guide you through a meditation and then we'll start the sound healing. 


Rather than send you out the door while you're still coming back from your healing experience, I facilitate a grounding and regrouping exercise to help us check-in with our nervous systems and each other. You will have time (if you wish) to process a little of your experience with the group. You will be grounded and centered before you leave.

Are you ready for your sound healing experience?

 All events are local to the Seattle region. I will travel for events, just contact me!


Private Healing Events

Perfect for a gathering with you closest friends, a rejuvenating birthday celebration, or a treat for your men's or women's circle. Private events are a healing experience personalized just for you and your group. I come to your home or event space and tailer every detail toward you and your participants. Leave feeling treated, tended to, cared for, spiritually awake, and rested.

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Corporate Wellness Events

A sound healing experience is just what it takes to show your employees you care about their personal health and well-being - because you know that a healthy company runs better with healthy employees. Click below to learn more about corporate sound healings and other wellness offerings.

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Community Healing Events

Drop in and recurring sound healing event open to the public. These events are designed for individuals who want the benefits of sound healing but don't want to host an event in their house (with the dishes and the roommates and the dogs - I got you). Join me for in Seattle at the South Seattle Sound Healing Studio.  Coming June 2022!

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