Hi there, I’m Anna

And I am one cranky witch. 

I am living in this shit show of late stage capitalism during a global pandemic with you.

And I'm tired of it. I'm ready to create a different world - one that values compassion over callousness, collaboration over competition, and interconnectedness over individualism. 

I believe a different world is possible.

We sensitive, spiritual people are brilliant creators once we find our center and get our shit together. And we need to, because the world needs us. That's why I'm here: to offer care, support, tools and training to sensitive people who also want to change the world we live in.

Ahem... Qualifications.


I am both a trained intuitive, energy healer, and spiritual teacher and hold two advanced degrees in science. I have a B.S. in Resource Conservation and an M.S. in Environmental Studies. I am a yoga teacher, Ayurvedic educator, naturalist, science nerd, author, and mother. A scientist and a psychic.

How does one become that brand of wyrdo, you ask? Grow up in an agnostic family with a biologist father and a wildly creative mother, surrounded by a sea of Mormons. 

I'm also deeply committed making this world one we can all live in safely. I'm working with my attachment wounds, healing my trauma, improving compassionate, curious communication and remembering to play and rest, too.  Intersectional feminism, anti-racism, and social justice are a huge part of this work. I continue to engage in programs to dismantle my whiteness, my classism, and my privilege. And while I will have blindspots (I'm a gender conforming, pretty by society's standards, able-bodied, middle-class, bisexual woman), I'll address them as they come.

We're all in this together. I'm doing my work with you. Let's change this world together.



Join me in visioning a new world


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