It's time to stop doing it all alone.


Through grounded practices, I will help you find and calibrate your internal guidance system so you can always find your next right step. 


 Join me for warm, centered support, deep-listening, and allyship from wherever you live. 

My grounded guidance process can support you no matter what path you're currently on.


My process can help you navigate health issues, family patterns, heal ancestral lines, and get guidance on whatever you're currently facing.


I have three main specialties:


Tired of feeling like you don't belong and that your dreams are impossible? Ready to understand your purpose more deeply and start living from a place of inner wisdom?

Here's what I know for sure: you're here right now because your purpose is important. I will help you find your gifts, build your confidence, make a plan, and start living your dream.


Ready to stop fixing partners? Want to be free from worrying about what they think of you?

I know you can create secure, healthy relationships full of love and peace. I help you slow down, become aware of your relational patterns, and find your inner agency so that you can trust you needs and boundaries and stay attuned to yourself.


You've got ideas, but it's hard to raise your voice. You've got creative solutions, but you don't know what to do them. You're already a boss babe wanting intuitive guidance on her next business venture. 

I've got you. I'll teach you how to show up confidently and become the trusted advisor and wise woman in your work, your home, and your life.

Bring your tea, your struggles, and your questions to our private Zoom space.


Or meet at my office in Seattle. I'll provide the tea.

Here's how my process works:


We land with guided embodiment and meditation techniques. Next, you have my full attention as I listen deeply to what's happening in your life. Then, I'll tune into your inner compass and help you find it, too. 


From center, we orient to each question or struggle directly. I help you look squarely at these with your new inner compass on board, paving the way for new patterns to be created.


I help you take the insight from your inner guidance system and turn it into actionable steps in the real world. I help provide the tools you need to relate differently to situations and people in your life.

We repeat this process each session, strengthening your intuitive muscles and orientation to your compass.

Manasi says. . .

"Anna has so much knowledge that she willingly shares.  She listens intently and helps you uncover sweet insights about yourself that have been hidden away."


Get the support you deserve


You bring all of you.

I bring my intuition, deep listening, and sense of humor. 

Together, we find the clarity and inner trust you've been searching for.

Next Step Session Options:

When you need a boost...

Single Session - $225

A one-hour session where we move through my process together. You are deeply held, heard, and supported. Bring your questions, your overwhelm, your concerns and your goals to the table. I'll help you weave together meaning, clarity, and direction and guide you to your next right step.  Leave feeling grounded, centered, and clear. 


When you've got a situation...

A package of 3 Next Step Sessions - $644

This is a great option if you need temporary support through a minor life transition, like getting in (or out of) a job, getting right in a relationship, or finding a new home. Sessions must be used within six months of purchase date to retain the per-session discount ($10 per session).


When you're ready for big changes...

Ongoing Support - $379/mo for 6 months

Most popular because it's effective and offers the biggest savings. Two Next Step Sessions per month for six months. We create big goals and reach them as I become your ally as well as your teacher. You receive email or text support between sessions that are perfect when doubt or challenge arrives unannounced.


I want to make sure we match...

Book a low-cost, 30-minute Discovery Session to find out.

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